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No interest

May 26, 2009

Reims Management School, in France, has announced that it is to offer an Islamic Banking and Finance course to students enrolled on its Masters in Management programme. The school reckons that the value of assets in Islamic banks now stands at close to $1 trillion, meaning that it is an area of growing importance for business schools. “Growth in the sector of Islamic finance is advancing at 15 to 20 percent per year throughout the world,” according to Professor Ghassen Bouslama, who coordinates the programme. “At a time when the conventional financial model is discredited by the crisis, the model of finance called ‘Islamic’ is emerging and gaining strong interest.”

Islamic finance is based on a set of principles derived from sharia law, including a prohibition on charging interest or investing in morally dubious areas. France, which is home to Europe’s highest number of Muslims, is well placed to tap into increasing interest in the sector. However, it is in Britain—one of the most important Islamic finance hubs outside of the Middle East—where the sector garners most interest among business schools. City University’s Cass Business School and Lancaster University Business School, for example, have been running similar programmes since 2008.

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French lessons

May 8, 2009

As the Anglo-Saxon economies reap their hubristic deserts, and the French bask in a told-you-so glow (see article), now might be just about the perfect time for ESC Rouen School of Management to launch its new MSc, Marketing with French Excellence, focussing on how to market “with a French touch”. The programme, which is taught entirely in English, will focus on areas of French renown, such as the luxury goods market, the nuclear industry and high-speed rail. It is aimed at executives hoping interested in working for a French business, be it nationally or internationally.

In what may be a less timely development, however, the school is also launching a new campus in Paris in a joint venture with the Reims Management School. The campus will focus exclusively on executive education, something that Arnoud Langlois-Meurinne, Rouen’s dean, accepts is a tough arena given the economic climate. With firms cutting back on both staff and training budgets, there appears little appetite currently for the short, expensive executive development programmes so important for business schools’ balance sheets. However, Mr Langlois-Meurinne, believes that by including post-graduate degrees aimed at executives, such as an MSc in Legal Management, which may not be as hard hit by the recession, the schools should be able to limit their exposure.