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Pakistan is to get a new private business school. The Karachi School for Business and Leadership (KSBL) is being set up by the Karachi Education Initiative in partnership with the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School. It plans to offer executive development programmes from next year, with an MBA following in 2011 and an executive MBA the year after that. It is also being charged with teaching students what it takes to run a for-profit business school in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a dearth of world-class business schools. The most prestigious is probably the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi, which was set up in 1955 by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Nonetheless, it, in common with other Pakistani schools, regularly gets overlooked in the major international rankings. Many students head out of the country to pursue their business education, something that KSBL hopes to address.

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4 Responses to “Opening for business”

  1. Faheem Shelot Says:

    I came across this article and thought it prudent to comment on your statement of there being only one business school in pakistan which corresponds to international standards.

    In 1985, a new business school was launched, the Lahore University of Management Sciences, most commonly known by its acronym, LUMS. LUMS has become the number one business school in Pakistan and has eclipsed Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Graduates have been placed in excellent positions in in Pakistan and abroad.

    LUMS is ranked as one of the top MBA programmes in Asia and in addition to that, possesses a world class undergraduate programme offering degrees in humanities, computer science, maths, engineering and accounting.

    I suggest that you kindly update your records / info


  2. Shahid Pracha Says:

    I would’nt venture to suggest that any school has ‘eclipsed’ another but the I think its good news that Karachi and Pakistan

  3. Shahid Pracha Says:

    I would’nt venture to suggest that any school has ‘eclipsed’ another but the I think its good news that Karachi and Pakistan are to get a truely ‘World Class’ institution with the backing of Cambridge University’s Judge Business School. The KSBL is very credibly backed by the Karachi Education Initiative, a Not-For-Profit set up by some of the country’s leading businessmen and corporate institutions.

    I was not sure what the article meant in its comment that “it will be charged with teaching students to run for profit business schools” – in fact the KSBL does aspire to a broader mandate to teach students about leading and running social enterprises which might include eductional institutions as well others. Perhaps the EIU can itself explain the source of that view.
    Shahid Pracha

  4. International Business School Says:

    This is great news for Karachi Education that they are going to set up School for Business and Leadership with the help & partner ship with University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School.

    Best of Luck for Students !

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