Test of faith

The cheating row surrounding the GMAT test and a website, ScoreTop.com, which gave users access to live questions, rumbles on. GMAC, the organisation which administers the de facto MBA entrance exam, seems to be softening its stance on cancelling the scores of anyone who paid $30 to ScoreTop in order to gain a jump on other prospective students.

Accessing a dodgy website is not the only option for those looking for an illegitamate way to bump up their score. Tales remain rife of professional test takers for hire, despite increasing levels of security at test sites.

GMAT scores have been on the rise for years. The average score at the top ten schools in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking has risen from 668 (out of 800) to 709 since 1997. Increasing competition inevitably leads, for some, to the temption to cheat.

So how much faith should we have in the GMAT? In your experience how easy would it be to cheat? And are the rewards worth the risks of getting caught?

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3 Responses to “Test of faith”

  1. RobM Says:

    It doesn’t matter how much lip-service is paid to ethical issues, the fact remains that b-school students are by their natures always seeking a competitive advantage. Unfashionable to admit it, but these students did what business leaders have been doing for centuries – weighing up the potential gains against the risks. In this case they got it wrong, so it can be seen as a Darwinian selection process.

  2. Rusty Says:

    No matter what you do, there are always going to be instances of people taking the easy route. From my experience at b-school, we had a number of international students whose applications and G-MAT scores were impressive enough, however their coursework, exam grades, etc were severely lacking. Fortunately the school I attended was professional enough to ask them to leave the course after the first semester minus their admission fees, so these students gained nothing.

  3. Damon Says:

    The GMAT is completely compromised. While it is somewhat important to test basic intelligence, more emphasis should be placed on qualitative type tests such as face to face interviews. There were plenty of GMAT cheats in my MBA program…

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