Good times? Bad times?

One thing we know: there is a downturn of sorts. Its depth may be a matter of some debate, but jobs in the financial services industry—traditionally a huge hirer of MBA graduates, not to mention the payer of the biggest salaries—are being cut in their tens-of-thousands.

Which MBA? has found that both business schools and students seem to be taking the downturn in their stride. Students are showing a remarkable, and some may say uncharacteristically reasonable, attitude towards the tougher job market, downgrading their internship and job placement expectations. Applications to business schools, meanwhile, seem to be booming.

But we would like to hear your own experiences. What effect has the downturn had on your prospects as an MBA student? Have you had to settle for a placement that was below your expectations?

If you are considering applying for an MBA, how are you factoring the downturn into your thinking? Do you see it as a good time to shelter away from economic woes, or would you prefer to defer what is a large financial outlay until more certain times?

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2 Responses to “Good times? Bad times?”

  1. Robert McGowan Says:

    As someone who is looking for a job beyond financial services, I have to say I’m finding the job market pretty buoyant.

    It could be somewhat trickier to nab one of those much-vaunted massive-be-bonussed City jobs, however..

  2. saleslady Says:

    saleslady says : I absolutely agree with this !

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