What makes for a good b-school website?

A study carried out for the Association of Business Schools has evaluated the websites of various UK schools. While some were easy to navigate, others were criticised for being over-complicated, and for hiding useful information—such as careers and alumni data—behind passwords.

Over two-thirds of students say the Internet is their primary research tool when initially looking in to business programmes. So just how good (or bad) are schools’ websites? What are some examples of schools that do it right? And is having a picture of the dean on the homepage really the turn-off that the study claims?


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  1. Pranay Says:

    I totally agree That Cass Business School’s website ranks up top for UK MBAs. I am doing an MBA from Cass this year and two of my biggest motivators to join Cass were both aspects of what face the college shows prospective students.

    I loved the Cass website – the fact that they’ve got videos, and information thats neatly categorized helped me a lot in making my decision.

    At the same time, I think that a good website must be backed up by a good support team. The Cass recruitment team always mailed me back almost immediately, which helped immensely.

    I must say however, that while London Business School’s website is very 1998, their student blog is one of the best I have seen.

    An example of how a good website does not serve its purpose when not backed up by a responsive MBA team is Cranfield. A good website, but delayed and uninterested responses meant I had to turn down their offer.

  2. Biju Subhash Says:

    Nice 😀
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